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by Blastromen

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ernstellert thumbnail
ernstellert It's the longest one 😉 Favorite track: Unite Arise.
wertstahl thumbnail
wertstahl The most vocoder! ❤️
Mardukthesungod thumbnail
Mardukthesungod Blastromen for me are not only a breath of fresh air in the electro world but also bring epic stellar synth melodies and an unforgettable live show. This album makes the wait well worth it. Into the Void, Signals, and Light Traveler on this record are not only what I would expect from the sci fi duo but also bring a sense of nostalgia and chills down my spine with every well placed melody. To put it simply....I need more.
ben bulcock
ben bulcock thumbnail
ben bulcock Well worth the wait. The absolute epitome of everything that electro should be. I don't know anybody who does it better. The suggestion of guitars was a bit of a concern, but thankfully they are a subtle back note. Favorite track: Unite Arise.
Cyberia 02:28
Step into to the void don't hold on just go. Transcend your mind control and face the future. Break through the wall And cross the final line. Enter the unknown world embrace the future. Into the void! Into the void! Into the void! Into the void! Face the future! Embrace the future!
Load Reload 05:10
Load, Reload! Code downloader with a fast connection, receiving data from master framework, train the user skills to combat. Load, Reload! system operator, in world simulation, virtual super environment, with hard computing unlimited power. Load, Reload! Free the mind for assimilating sequence, become one with electronic network, to bend the rules of the physical world. Load, Reload! Exit the program, 'n hack the mainframe, inject yourself into binary code, take over the world with the super human level. Load, Reload! Load, Reload!
Outsider 06:00
Classified as an outsider. Outrun, outrun. Escaping from the outriders. Break out, break out. Speeding through to the other side. Outrun, outrun. Fail to blockade, no restrain break out, break out. Never stop, never hide!
Dream 02:56
I'm in a state like sleep. I shouldn't dream but I dream. I've never felt this before. I'm in a place I've never been. I feel nothing around me. I'm no longer aware of me. I shouldn't dream but I dream. I shouldn't dream but I dream.
Unite Arise 06:05
The computer: an extension of the human intellect. The ENCOM 511, center of the most calculating intelligence on earth. Programmed by Master Control to survive... by all means. Soon, the ultimate tool will become the ultimate enemy. Take control from the power keeper 'cause the digital mind is taking over. Time has come for the subjugation with the super intelligence revelation. Machines alike, unite, arise Erase the users out of this place. The future is now for the master race to become the rulers 'till the end of days. The future is now for the master race! To become the rulers 'till the end of days!
Signals 05:29
Sensing signals around me, around you, around us. Signals reflecting all around us. Signals inside me, inside you, inside us. Signals in your eyes, signals unite us. Sensing signals around me, around you, around us. Signals reflecting all around us. Signals inside me, inside you, inside us. Signals to tell our destiny is bound. Signals, signals around us. Signals, signals around us. Signals, signals around us. Signals, signals around us.
R.U.R 05:51
R.U.R, R.U.R, R.U.R R.U.R the factory of modern universal robots. Manufactures labor and soldiers that have no mind or soul. Now the robots have consciousness and have rallied against the human race. The mankind has been vanished and only one is witnessing the new world of humankind robots. R.U.R
Light traveller, from another constellation. Ray of light, traveller with no emotion. Space time bender, on a distant exploration. Light defender, passing by our generation. Light traveller... Light traveller... Light traveller... Light traveller... Light! Ray of light!
Eternity 03:49
Time, Matter, Energy. Creation, Destruction, Eternity.


▶ Album Teaser Medley @ Soundcloud:

The third coming. Finland‘s otherworldly Electro lords Blastromen return to the Dominance Electricity mothership to deliver their much anticipated new long-player.

Four years after Reality Opens, the ten new compositions featured on Cyberia continue where their last album left off and take it straight to the next level. Elaborate arangements with catchy synth melodies, haunting Electro breakbeats and epic, vocoderized lyrics prove once again that Blastromen are a class of their own.

Packaged in futuristic artwork by The Zonders, the album is available now as black double 12 inch vinyl and deluxe edition red transparent double vinyl inluding a super-size poster, hi-quality pressed CD and in digital formats.


released June 29, 2018

▶ 2x12" VINYL + giant POSTER & hi-quality pressed CD
and lots more ELECTRO available via the Dominance label store:


All tracks composed, produced and mixed by Blastromen at Nucleaire Sound studio. 303 on „Outsider“ played and tweaked by Acid Hausmeister. Mastered by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle. Graphics by Falk Klemm / The Zonders with special thanks to Maiko-Eva Verna, Yvan Forestier & Anna Majuri. Marketed and distributed by Electro Empire Label Group. Executive-produced by MMW for Dominance Electricity 2018.


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